Stacking the Shelves (1)

Today was a good week for books, as it goes. I got quite a few.

I got these two last Friday, but I’m going to count it, since I just started blogging again.

Already finished the first one of them, too. Literally sat down and read it over the next few hours. It was great. Magnificent PNR/UF is hard to come by these days. Review to come later.


Windwitch came via my preorder for it. Hopefully, the publisher got my, “Hey, I preordered” it receipt and like will send me the swag. No swag as of yet. The covers for these books are to die for, literally. I love them. Shinies.


My pre-teen daughter got an Uppercase Box subscription for Christmas. Don’t mind if I also read this book, eh? Technically, it didn’t come for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take full advantage of it.


Guess what was on sale on Thursday? This gorgeous thing. I got the ebook version, but hey, it was $1.99. I couldn’t pass it up.


I ended up grabbing this because I saw Jessie put it up on Instagram. I also convinced her to do a buddy read of it with me. So, expect to see a review in the near future.

Six books? Not bad. I also got 3 books of lace patterns to torture myself with. Probably won’t have many books to account for over the next couple of weeks here, unless a sale catches my eye. Probably should read what I got, right? Right? I also have to buy some yarn things and pay rent … So there’s that.


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