Media Consumption (2)

I’ve watched a lot of stuff since my last post. So, let’s get into it shall we?


Mike Birbiglia’s Thank God for Jokes 

Okay. I love Mike Birbiglia’s storytelling,  his perpetual cinnamon roll-ness and his self-depreciating jokes. I’ve watched all of his stand up. I’ve heard him multiple times on This American Life. This is just more of the same, and it’s equally as precious. Some of the jokes hit, some fall flat, but overall he’s always a really solid comedian. This one has less of an overarching narrative than some of his others (My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend/Sleepwalk With Me), but it’s still great fun to listen to.


Neal Brennan’s 3 Mics

This special, in which Neal Brennan uses three different microphones set across the stage with different ambient lighting and totally different tones, was interesting to watch. It was at times funny and at times extremely uncomfortable. Yet, the way he told every story and every joke was deliberate and he was mega-compelling to watch. This special can get pretty deep, so, be prepared.


Dave Chappelle’s The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas

My, how times have changed. The end of high school and the beginning of college were full of Dave Chappelle reruns. He had some unique characters and was great fun to watch. My husband and I even spent money to see him when he was on the Funny or Die tour a few years ago. Though, to be honest, his jokes there were pretty bleh, and I enjoyed seeing Hannibal Buress,  Dimitri Martin and Flight of the Conchords much better.

That being said, oh boy, did he reuse like a whole pile of jokes from said live show in The Age of Spin, and outside of that, everything else out of his mouth made me extremely uncomfortable. From misgendering trans people to rape jokes, I found myself instead of watching him, watching the reaction of the woman in the front row, who was just as appalled as I was at everything out of his mouth. I’m glad I had some solidarity in that woman, whoever she was.

Deep in the Heart of Texas was less cringingly offensive (like by comparison), but not any better. Dave Chappelle’s become an old man. Lots of complaints. Complaints outweighed jokes. I think the ship may have sailed where it comes to my interest in this man.


The Great British Bake Off Series 4

Ugh, I really wish Netflix had all of them and didn’t try to label this “Season 2”. It gets wicked confusing. Granted, Great British Bake Off is something I watch for a calming effect, so it takes me quite some time to get through a season. The hosts are some of the most perfect choices ever. Sue’s constant sex euphemisms and Mel’s rallying to help the bakers in the last several minutes. Outside shots include sheep and people out for a stroll. No one swears, people’s emotions run a gambit. Everything ends up being heartwarming. It’s just a perfect show to watch to unwind. I absolutely love it.

On that note, I’m actually pretty stoked that Noel Fielding is coming to the show, but will absolutely miss Mel and Sue and Mary. I think what they need to do is to have Noel be the main host, and then have Richard Ayoade and Russel Brand alternate co-host duties. That would be splendid and quite literally perfect.


Lights Out

When it comes to ghosts that are extensions of mental illnesses, this one blows The Babadook right out of the water. The story itself was interesting. The characters were all fully realized (though the boyfriend may have been literal garbage), for the most part, considering someone has to die like really early on to establish the spoop factor. It was tense enough, and the shots were done well. There were several jump scares that came from places I didn’t expect/consider. Overall, good horror, would recommend.


Beauty and the Beast

I’ve seen the musical, and this adaptation really took the shape of that. Very similar in pacing. Overall, I really enjoyed it, but I do have a few comments.

  • What the heck is up with Ewan McGregor’s French accent?
  • Gaston was not the buff douchebag that I would expect. I literally maybe had some feelings about Gaston and how maybe Belle was doing him a wrong. He came back from the WAR for godssakes and has to keep a whole town afloat since there’s no other ruling body. Gosh.
  • Be Our Guest was super overwhelming.
  • That yellow dress could have been less junior high spring fling and more regal.

Anyway, I really liked it. Good effort on everyone’s part.



I’ve watched some garbage made for TV movies in my day. There’s that one where Misha Collins has to save the world from something happening at Stonehenge, and then there’s all the ones with sharks and various mech parts and possibly ghosts. This one somehow falls below all of those. This is one complete garbage. There’s no functional storyline. The science wasn’t even tried and oh, that ending. Buddy, you don’t just walk up to two ladies you met on an alternate timeline and try to like be their bestie. It’s weird. No. This was so bad. So, so, bad.


The Eyes of My Mother

This movie is deeply disturbed. There’s a reason why it’s in black and white, and that reason is you’d vomit otherwise. The main character is so messed up that everything she does is the worst. She keeps a man in her barn as a pet, surgically removes his eyes and tongue, and when he tries to run, kills him. She then takes a baby from a mother, and when the mother tries to rescue it, turns her into her new pet. I guess, the only thing I can say is that this movie has what I would consider a happy ending, all things considered, but there’s a lot of really messed up things involved in it and it’s literally one big old nope.


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