Stacking the Shelves (3)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature where I talk about the books I’ve gotten this week. The book train doesn’t stop. Choo choo.

From Netgalley


So this is book two, whoops. I need to like pay better attention when I request things. The first one is pretty cheap on Amazon. So that’s a plus. Another series that was originally published before I was born.


This one looks really good. I can’t wait to have time to read it.

Quirky Blind Date


My friend Jenn helps run this awesome group . The premise is, you read a simple description, and choose one to your liking. They send you a indie title. You read and review. Simple, right? This is my first month doing it, and the novel I got sounds super interesting. We’ll see how it goes!


I went on Thriftbooks and got a short order. Of the first two Elemental Assassin books and the fourth Eli Moonpress one. Can’t wait to have a chance to read all of them.



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